I believe that we all need a space away from our businesses and careers for ourselves. To work on feeding our creativity and those areas where we need to grow to be conscious creators aka…become Extra-Ordinary.

I also believe that business is a conduit for radical action and personal transformation, as long as you take massive responsibility for your path and  surround yourself with the right people.

The content on this site is guided by my 15+ years as a designer and entrepreneur in the fashion industry. Travelling the world spending chunks of time in HK, Beijing, NYC, and Europe’s capital cities. Directing design and development in a corporate settings to starting my own biz from my attic. Throw in some academic research which has become the backbone for how I am now building my businesses and oh yeah doing the whole living life thing..

You know the score. (Or you soon will if your starting out)

In sharing the conversations that we are having in the studio around business and creativity my greatest wish is that it will also help you to fast-track your plans and navigate your journey.

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